About Us

Welcome to The Gathered Warehouse, where European arts meet elegant western antiques. Each unique piece in our store has a story to tell and a beauty that shines from within. We take pride in having distinctive and eccentric pieces rooting all the way from Europe, to Texas. Indulge in all our store has to offer, from the historic building we reside in, to our sophisticated home decor. Come shop and spend the day learning about the history behind our early 1900s structure which used to be the city jail. We still have confinement cells we’ve repurposed with beautiful displays and a splash of paint, the original City Hall sign hanging above what is now our overstock room, and many details of the left side of the building you can also find in an episode of The Walking Dead, where part of the infamous television show was filmed here. We would love to show you around, spark some conversation, and help make your house a home with new pieces!